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What will I receive upon purchase?

You will receive an email with instructions on how to download the digital PDF of the sheet music.

I bought the sheet music a while ago, but my download link expired!

No problem! Just submit a form on the Contact page with your order # and we'll send you a new link to download within 48 hours.

Why is my download a zip file?

A: In some cases you will receive a .zip file which will contain multiple versions of the PDF sheet music (for example, a full-length and shortened PDF of the same piece). For consistency, we've packaged all sheet music in zip files.

I purchased this sheet (example: The Black Star) 3 years ago, but now you have a newer version. How do I get the newer version?

Sheet music purchases are good for lifetime support - you will always get the latest edition. Just submit a form on the "Contact" page and you will receive an answer within 48 hours.

What's in the sheet music packages?

The sheet music packages are a collection of multiple pieces. MusicalStories sheet music package is a collection of 12 pieces featured in Lionel Yu's first album, MusicalStories. MusicalBasics Extended Library (vol. 1) is a collection of 24 of MusicalBasics most popular original pieces.